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A letter from Oso Slide Memorial Committee Member Jessica Pszonka:

March 20, 2019


Dear Business Owner,

I am writing to request support for the Oso Slide Memorial Gala taking place on June 22nd, 2019. I would like to request a donation to support the Silent and/or Live Auction that is a part of this event. Would you consider donating an outdoor, adventure or vacation themed auction item or experience?

Shortly following the March 22, 2014 mudslide, discussions began circulating about creation of a memorial to commemorate the Oso mudslide. The intent of the memorial was to remember the lives of the 43 individuals who lost their lives, recognize the unprecedented response effort that followed the event, honor the community that was lost and provide information about the slide itself. As families and the community have coped with grief, and the landscape has slowly begun to heal, calls for a memorial have become louder and steps are being taken to create a space at the site for gathering, learning, grieving and comforting. 

Staff currently estimate the total cost of the Slide Memorial to be somewhere between $3-4 Million; which includes, expenses to finish design, obtain permits and develop construction documents.  All proceeds collected for the SR 530 Mudslide Memorial will be 100 percent dedicated to the project.


We expect over 150 people to attend our event this year and our goal is to raise $100,000.  We will include your business in our auction collateral material. Your support will allow us to build this memorial that will serve as a reminder of the event, bring healing to those impacted by the mudslide, and draw the community closer. Thank you for your consideration.



The Oso Slide Memorial Committee


Please send all items and/or questions to:

Jessica Pszonka

Oso Slide Memorial Committee Member

21012 6th Ave NW, Arlington WA 98223 206-391-3010

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